Ni-MH batteries

Cylindrical rechargeable batteries

NiMH cells are often used in digital cameras and other high drain devices, where over the duration of single charge use they outperform primary (such as alkaline) batteries. Applications that require frequent replacement of the battery, such as toys or video game controllers, also benefit from use of rechargeable batteries. With the development of low self-discharge NiMHs many occasional-use and very low-power applications are now candidates for NiMH cells.

NiMH cells are particularly advantageous for high current drain applications, due in large part to their low internal resistance. As an example, digital cameras with LCDs and flashlights can draw over 1000 mA, quickly depleting alkaline batteries. NiMH cells can deliver these current levels and maintain their full capacity.

Lithium ion batteries have a higher specific energy than nickel–metal hydride batteries, but they are significantly more expensive to produce.

Among our batteries we are offering different types:

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